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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Travel Challenge Staycation - Olympia WA

 Welcome to the Travel Challenge Staycation version.  This year Erin decided to have us blog about our home town.  I currently live in Olympia Washington.  I moved here approximately 22 years ago when my daughter was ready to start high school. 

Olympia is the capital of the state of Washington and was established as a city in 1859.  It is also the county seat of Thurston County.  It makes up part of the tri-city area of Puget Sound, the other cities being Lacey and Tumwater.

On my staycation I took daily walks with my dog., Hank.  He is a Chow and Lab mix and the most gentle dog that I know.  He is a very people person, always loving some attention.

The strap over his nose is called a "Gentle Lead" which allows me to have a bit of control over him as he is a big dog (90 lbs.)  He doesn't mind it too much but is glad to get it off once we are home.
One of Hank's favorite places to visit.  The wait staff always has a doggie biscuit or two when we come by.

On one of our walks we discovered an older car.  Not sure of the age but Olympia does have several car collector clubs.  Here is a link to pictures of a recent show:  12th-annual-tenino-quarrymen-car show

You will see giant sunflowers in peoples yards as they grow to six-seven feet tall.

or you can see growing pumpkins

or possibly even a family of deer

This was the first time that I had seen a pair of fawns.
Here is a preview of the beads that I used in my jewelry set.

I decided to make something with wood for two reasons.  I had the beads already and Olympia is a port that exports logs to other areas of the world.  I was hoping to get a picture of one of the trucks taking the logs down to the docks but wasn't able to.  I also used agates as they are a type of stone that is found here in Washington.

This pictures shows of the red-orange agates that I used both in the necklace and in the earrings.

Please visit Erin's website (2nd-annual-challenge-of-travel)  to see the list of other participants.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come again.



  1. I enjoyed going along with you both on your walk, Carolyn. I love wooden beads paired with the agate, and you have crafted a gorgeous piece which shows your love of your city!

  2. Very very pretty, love the earthly feel!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, much like here with the deer in the backyard. I love the wood beads you used in the necklace, very pretty piece!

  4. You live in a beautiful part of the world! Great choice of beads for your necklace too; it's a nice idea to use wood and agate to represent Washington state!

  5. Ah Carolyn! Someone else who finds inspiration walking the dog! Lovely necklace and great photos. Thank you for sharing your home and art.

  6. Lovely necklace! I'd love to see a family of deer near my home (we do see them the further inland we go), a fox is about all I come across on my walks!

  7. You live in a beautiful place, and I love the use of wood and agate together.

  8. I love seeing the deer in your photos. I think your bead choices were great to represent your hometown, as well as match that photo you captured of the deer.

  9. Carolyn, what a lovely necklace to go with your "staycation" area! It seems that wood beads are getting much nicer and more creative lately. I've been working with them more too and really likely the looks of them. I like what you've done with these! The dangle is a nice touch! ... Thanks for your local photos too!

  10. Hello Miss Carolyn! Your pup is so sweet! I just want to give him a big ol' snuggle on his neck. Do that for me, won't you? How nice to see your neighborhood. Those deer are so beautiful. Of course, we have a lot of deer here in Wisconsin, but I have never seen fawns! Your necklace is very pretty. I like the nod to the wood industry. Perfect for fall! I apologize for taking so long to come and visit. I have been spending a little time each day in someone's hometown. Thank you for joining me on the journey! Enjoy the day! Erin