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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Country Blog Hop reveal

Today is the reveal for the My Country Blog Hop sponsored by Nan Smith of Wired Nan.  This an international blog hop where each of the participants/artists will create something that represents her country.

Nan Smith, the hostess, is Canadian and I know there will be other Canadians participating.  There are artists from Europe and Australia.  The USA has several artists representing various states.  When the blog hop was announced I knew I wanted to participate but was not sure which state I wanted to represent.  I have lived in California and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, two great states that actually have some things in common.

They each grow grapes and are leaders in the wine industry.

They each have snow on the ground in certain parts of the state and in the mountains.

The grow pine trees that have their own ornaments - pine cones.

They can make snowmen.

Each state has a large military force based there.

Each has recreational boating and naval shipyards.

Because of the closeness to the sea, each has their own seabirds.  Roosting on telephone poles.

One state has leaves that turn colors in the fall.

Both states grow pumpkins in the fall.

One state exports wood overseas.

I hope you have enjoyed the representations on the states that I have lived in.

Be sure to visit the other artists to see which parts of the world that they represent: 

My Country Blog Hop Participants

Nan Smith (hostess|)                                                          

1. Ana (Portugal)                                                                   

2.Rita  (Orlando)                                                              
3. Dini (The Netherlands)                              

4. Robin Reed  (Indiana)                                            

5. Lilik Kristiana   (Indonesia )                                             

6. Karla Morgan  (Texas)                           

7. Karen Mitchell (South Australia)                    
8. Jayne Capps  (Oklahoma)                          
9. Melissa Trudinger  (Australia)                            

10. Johana Nunez  (Puerto Rico)                                          

11. Kepi  (Alberta)                                                       
12. Deb Fortin  (Ontario)                                                   

13. Divya  (India)                                                                    
14. Tammy Adams  (Arizona)                          

15. Kay Thomerson  (Texas)                                  
16. Bairozan  (Bulgaria)                                                     

17. Carolyn's Creations  (           )  (you are here)
18. Lecia Woessner   (New Orleans)                 

19. Linda A.  (Wash. D.C.                    

20.Inge Van Roos (California)                             

21. Natalie   (New Zealand)                        
22. Lori Schneider (              )                                 

23.Mary Harding (New York)      

24. Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)                                    
25.Michelle McCarthy  (Florida )               

Thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to come back again on July 10th for Andrew Thornton's Good Earth Challenge but you are always welcome to drop and see what I have been up to.



  1. Wonderful post! You used such fun earrings to share so many facts. And you did a much better job than - because you let your pictures tell the story where I was all wordy.

  2. Oh my, I would have a hard time choosing my favorite as well. Love your story and each piece of jewelery to go with it. I have to say those grape earrings are stunning and my favorite. Great designs!

  3. What fun you've had, Carolyn with all those earrings. I really enjoyed scrolling through your blog to see what next you came up with to represent your homes starting with the grapes and continuuing on through soldier earrings to pumpkins and wood. I had a big smile on my face all the way through. Thanks for joining in with such enthusiasm

  4. What a great blog post, Carolyn. I love what you did with all the earrings. I really enjoyed scrolling through the post to see what you would come up with. You left a big smile on my much fun! My favorites are the soldiers but I'm also partial to the grapes since I love wine. Great job . Thanks for joining in with such enthusiasm!

  5. what a fabulous way to show the treasures of each of your favourite states. and one can never have too many pairs of earrings.
    and by a strange coincidence my home province of Ontario shares many of your state treasures as well; snow, pumpkins, wine, navy/military bases, pine trees , boating and many more.

  6. What a cute idea! I love all your earrings.
    I think all those things you listed both states have in common. Leaves turn in California too. Check out in the Sierras, especially the eastern slopes. Logs are exported to China from northern California.

  7. I enjoyed this post with so many pictures - fabulous idea to make earrings for each interesting fact about your states! The grapes and snowmen earrings are my favorite!

  8. Wow, so many earrings! What a great way to represent the states you lived in... a wonderful idea (-: The fall leaves and grapes are my favourites because of the colours and textures. Have fun when wearing them.

  9. Love the details of the states you have lived in! I really love the Grape Earrings, all of your earrings are sweet but the grape ones are my favorite!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  10. I'm very late visiting and commenting.

    I really enjoyed myself. You have a great sense of humour. I love the way you have used the earrings and their charms to represent the two states that are close to your heart and I've learned something too.

    Have a great weekend.