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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artisan Component Marketplace Blog Hop

Artisan Component Marketplace is a fairly new component marketplace where you can buy handmade components from approximately 25 vendors.  They recently called for people that would be interested in participating in a blog hop using some of the vendors' components.  I was one of the fortunate ones that was chosen to participate.
I received a copper component from Kristi Bowman Design:
A ceramic component from Marla's Mud:
A wood toggle clasp from Asbury Avenue Designs:
The first piece that I made went together fairly quickly.  I had some crystals leftover from another blog hop on my bead mat waiting for me to make something.  They went together perfectly with Asbury Avenue Designs toggle clasp.  I used the sari silk that came with the components to make a necklace.  I don't do mixed media very often but I think it turned out nicely. 
Below is a close-up of the toggle clasp and the crystals.
Below is a better look at the sari silk and how the colors go with the toggle clasp.
Marla's component went really well with some pearls I had laying on my beading table.  I took an eye pin and bent it around the component and wrapped it to make the bail.
The component had touches of pink and gold over a darker rose color.  I used dark rose pearls along with pink rice pearls and gold seed beads,
The final component I need to use is the pretty diamond-shaped copper bracelet bar from Kristi Bowman Designs.  I wasn't able to complete the bracelet that I plan to make.  Here is the idea that I have for it:
A three strand bracelet with turquoise heishi beads.  I plan to use the copper round beads you see on the top strand and some red seed beads for another strand and the final strand will probably have bright copper seed beads.  I thought to use a lobster claw clasp on one side of the bracelet bar.
This should be finished on Sunday and I will post the finished bracelet then.
Please be sure to visit the Artisan Component Marketplace blog to see what Kari has made and the links below to see what the other participants made.
Thanks for stopping by.  I participated in another blog hop today, so be sure to visit it /pepitas-butterfly-birthday-blog-hop-and-giveaway 


  1. Beautiful designs! Can't wait to see that bracelet.

  2. Beautiful designs! Those crystals are just perfect with the toggle. The pearls are a beautiful compliment to Marla's component...very feminine design. I love the direction you going with Kristi's copper component. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Thanks for joining us for the design fun!

  3. So Pretty! Love the peachy and rosy colors.

  4. Wonderful designs Carolyn. I love the asymmetry on the sari silk piece. The colors are great on the flower focal from Marla's Mud and I love turquoise with the copper! Good Job. Be Blessed!!!

  5. It was fun to look through your creations for this event, as well as several others! I really like everything you made here, but I'm especially drawn to the bracelet you are working on! I love copper and turquoise together! Great work, Carolyn!