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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working on....

Am working on the March Operation Tackle That Bead Stash challenge.  You are to make something (for me it's jewelry) with a minimum of three pastel colors.  One entry per person (you can make as many items as you want and submit them but only one of them counts for the challenge) goes into a drawing and for an extra chance you can add the twist which this month is to add leaves. 

Now why couldn't this have been the challenge for February so I could have used my
Challenge of Music set.  

Pastel colors and leaves.  It fits the bill but one of the requirements for the challenge is that the item can not be made before March 1, 2013.  Oh, well, it just gives me an excuse to create something else.

This time around I have to make some choices.

Lilac and grey with pops of pink in the front? with mid-lavender leaves

Lilac, grey, pink, grey? with mid-lavender leaves

Lilac and grey with mid-lavender leaves?

Which one should I make?  Although there are white beads in the pictures, I decided against using them as they over-powered the pastel colors.  The leaves are a matt mid-lavender.

Let me know your thoughts and I will reveal the chosen color scheme next week when I finish. 

Pictures of the entries have to be submitted by 6pm (GMT) March 31.  I think that is 10am that morning for me here in the Northwest. 

Anyone is welcome to join in the challenge.  Follow the link at the beginning of the blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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