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Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm back - sort of

Sorry for my disappearance from the blogging scene. 

I broke my arm the beginning of October and had an above the elbow cast for four weeks

and then a below the elbow cast for two more weeks.  My hand was so swollen when the cast came off I wasn't able to open a door, hold a fork, type on the computer,  much less hold beading tools.

After six weeks of physical therapy my hand has improved immensely.  I have made about five different items that I will share on another post.  I still need help with doing the loops and things that you have to do some wrist turning on.  I have a friend that is willing to do that for me.

I also need to apologize to several blog hop hostesses as I was not able to post the items that I made for the hops.  I will do this in another post.

Thanks for stopping by.


I'm glad to be back.