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Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 Pine Ridge Treasures' Beach Blog Hop!

Hopefully this post is going to work.  Never had so much trouble signing into blogger.

But this is supposed to be about a bead challenge and not my computer problems.

Lisa Lodge from A Grateful Artist blog sponsored another bead challenge this week.

I purchased a kit with lots of lovely beads and was able to make two necklaces and two earring sets.  But first off is the set of beads that I received from Lisa.

Cultured seaglass in aqua, cobalt blue, medium blue and a lovely lavender that reminds me of Alexandrite without the color changes.

The first set that I made was using the lavender with some purplish crystals that were included in the kit along with the silver rectangular spacers also included.


The other set that I made used the cobalt blue, the aqua nuggets, and more of the silver spacers.


Some how I only managed to get a shot of the blue earrings by themselves so here they are.

I still have some lovely beads left and will try to get another set done.

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