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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finally Another Post

I have missed posting the last couple of days because when I finally got home after beading with my friend and last night bowling, I haven't been in the mood to post.  I was tired and just ready to walk the dog and go to bed.

When I started the blog I thought I might not be willing to post every night but I was going to try.  Maybe once I get the hang of doing this, I will be willing to do short posts every day.

No beading last night.  Wednesday nights are bowling league nights.  I am trying to average 135 a game for three games to have a 400 series.  Last night I missed by 11 pins to get a 389.  My first and third games were average games but I did miserably on the second game getting just 101.

No beading tonight either as I need to get my inventory updated so I know what I have.

If anyone has any questions, please post a comment.  Hopefully by the weekend I will get photos of what I made earlier in the week.


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