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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow and challenges

Here is a picture of a snowwoman that someone did near bus stop by by home (this was taken about 5pm).  Next two picture are of what it looked like Wednesday morning at a different bus stop on my way to work.  Last picture was taken about 3pm showing the snow on the top of the car, 13"!!!!

Thursday morning and it is freezing rain, not sure if work will be open.  They said to come in by 10am but not sure that will happen because everything is slick.

Did pricing and inventory yesterday and do not think I will have to make anything this year as I have lots to sell.  But I enjoy making them.  Probably will make lots of extra earrings so that I have them available to sell separate from the sets that I make.

Almost forgot about the challenges part of the title.  Was looking at some other websites and saw that there were lots of challenges out there.  Anyone know how to find them?

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