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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anyone use Blogger on a Kindle?

I got a new tablet for Christmas and would like to do my blogging on it but haven't found the Blogger app in their store.  The one available does not have any good reviews and I hate to purchase something that is not going to work.  Any suggestions?

I do see that Wordpress is available but I hate to have to start a new blog but that may be what I will have to do as I have time when I am relaxing before bed to write a short post.  Otherwise, I have to find time and go to the computer and then type it.  Once I am in front of the computer it is not a hardship but finding the time to do it is.

I will be involved in a blog hop on the 24th to help build my blog.  Please be sure to come back then.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I blog sometimes on my kindle. Open up google, search for Blogger Dashboard and you should see your blog as well as any you follow, this allows to read blogs as well as write on your own.

  2. I'm not real sure why you'd need a blogger app in the first place. It's easy to access websites via your kindle, just by using the "web" in the menu, then typing in the address. If your actually going to work on your site, that might be a different story since I don't know how well the kindle would manage that, but you could certainly try it. I wouldn't work on my own site in my kindle, but I do visit sites on my kindle, and it's really helpful as well as it gives you an idea of how they look in these smaller devices. :)

  3. I have a Samsung Tablet, there is an app to download for Blogger, but I prefer to go in via Chrome, that way it is just like on the lap top. Hope this helps.