Past blog hops and challenges

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Alenka's blog anniversay blog hop coming up soon

I have lots of blogs that I follow and back in June one of them celebrated her first blog anniversay.  Pepita Handmade asked her followers what they would prefer that she do and the results were a blog hop.  Here is a link to Alenka's announcement post: my-1st-blogoversary.

A couple of weeks later she announced that 13 (her lucky number) of us would be participating.  Alenka made the components that she sent to each one of us.  I am the happy recipent of the blue bar in the second row. 

The picture above does not do the piece I received any justice and the pictures that I took are not much better.  In fact they are much worse.


I am certainly going to have to take better pictures than this for reveal day.  These do not show the lovely graduated shaes from light blue through dark blue to shades of purple.

Be sure to come back again on Saturday, August 11 and see what I and other beaders have made. 

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Great, Carolyn, you received it!!! I was a little worried the package got lost...
    Just a few days and I will se what will everybody create with the components I've sent out. Cant' wait!!!
    Have fun,

  2. Can't wait to hop and see what everyone creates, Carolyn!