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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Jewelry Blog Hop Reveal

Today is the day for the reveal for Diana of Suburban Girl Studio's Waxed Linen Blog Hop.  Our mission was to create an item of jewelry with waxed linen cording.  I was interested in this blog hop as I have received some of this cording in some destashes that I had purchased or that was gifted to me.  I had never used this before but had seen some designs that other jewelry makers had done. 

The latest cording that I had received was from the Deep Water Challenge that Andrew Thornton had put on. 

I did not get the chance to use the cording for that challenge but I decided to make a pair of earrings using the cording and beads that I had left over.  I used a rondele bead and a round bead in similar colors and knotted the ends of the cord and added a loop at the center of the cording and added that to the ear wire.

I am undecided on whether to leave the tails on the cording, to feather it (unravel it), or to cut it off.  What do you think?

The next item I found to make was an earring kit that included all the necessary material.  As I was making the earrings I realized that I did not have enough spacers to add to the dangles.  Spacers that I did have, I thought were too big compared to the original spacers.

Original spacers are the three mid-left of the picture.  Others that are similar in shape are the four silver to the upper right and the four gold to the lower right of the picture.  A similar size but different shape are the three gold rounds in the lower left.  Will have to make up my mind about which one to use.  Which do you recommend?

Here are the earrings waiting to be finished.

I loved working with the linen cording and can see myself making other earrings with it and possibly making some necklaces as others have done.

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  1. I think it is so fun that this hop is inspiring people to work with linen for the first time! I love the look of unraveled linen on the ends. I also like the non-round spacers. I really like the bottom earrings - so hippie chic!

  2. Very cute earrings - the second pair of very cool.

  3. Linen is perfect for earrings since it doesn't add any weight. I really like what you've started with the hoop earrings!

  4. Thanks for participating! I personally like to leave a small tail on my pieces. I snip them and then give them an extra little twist to warm up the wax a bit.

  5. Hi Carolyn. I claim aqua as my favorite color so I really like your first earrings. Personally I don't care for the raveled cord ends. if it was me I would just trim the ends. I think I would mix all of the spacers and use them together. in the second pair of earrings.

  6. I love the gold rounds for your second pair of earrings, they are so cool!

  7. I think maybe you should wear the earrings and see how the tails look and if they rub against your skin or not, then you'll know whether to cut the ends any more or not. I like the blues you used, nice for summer.

  8. I love the earrings you are working on! I think any of those spacers you pick out would work great, but I was thinking, if it were me, I might choose the larger gold ones. I like the size and shape and it might be nice to mix the metal colors of the beads.

  9. I like your hoops, I like that you left the linen a bit longer. I was thinking about doing that for one of my pieces, but I didn't. I do like the look though. Good use of materials.

  10. They're all great. On the one pair of earrings, I'd leave the tails and ravel them. I think that would look cool and add to the texture in them. Nice job for your first time working with linen cording.

  11. I really like where you are headed with the second pair. It definitely needs more sparkle!

  12. Hmm, I think I like the smaller spacers for that second set of earrings, but I also like the frayed linen ends. On the first pair, I tend to cut the ends to a shorter length but I like how you've left them longer too!