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Monday, April 14, 2014

It's the letter "L" for the Blogging A - Z Challenge

Today’s topic starts with the letter “L”.

The pretty blue stone of Larimar is found in one small area of the Dominican Republic making it extremely rare.  Getting to this gem is difficult because of the mountaintop terrain where it is found.  The volcanic nature of the area and its unique mineral composition is the birthplace of this gemstone.  It is mined by hand up to 300 feet underground in one small area of the island and can eventually be washed downstream due to erosion. 
It was discovered back in 1916 and rediscovered in 1974 by a gentleman who named it after his daughter, Larissa, and the Spanish word mar which means “sea” as he discovered it washed up on a remote beach. 

It is a hard stone that has copper in it causing the blueness of its color palette.  It can be a light to dark blue, green-blue or white.  No two Larimar stones are alike because its various patterns and markings from its volcanic creation and colors contribute to each stone’s individuality. 

Larimar pendants that a friend owns

The most common larimar is a light blue with white marbling throughout.  Its attractive color and its hardness, ability to be polished and the shine of this stone make it an excellent material for jewelry.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to back by tomorrow for the gemstone that starts with the letter "M".


  1. That is such a pretty stone. Thank you for sharing it and I can not wait to see what M brings.

  2. Hi Carolyn, I love the pendants and find it amazing that the volcano effects of nature can produce such beautiful gemstones. great post which I find informative. AtoZer

  3. I've never heard of this gemstone before. It's beautiful. I'll have to check the gift shop at the Museum of Natural Science here. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. Hope you'll visit back and enjoy my quirky quotes.