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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop Reveal

Tanya Goodwin of "A Work in Progress" blog is sponsoring the Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop whose reveal is today.  Tanya asked readers of her blog to comment on whether they would be interested in doing a Shibori Ribbon blog hop.  I like doing the different challenges that are offered in a blog hop and as I had never worked with the ribbon, I added my comment.

Tanya picked six of us and sent each of us a piece of the ribbon. She also had four others that already had some ribbon join the challenge.  I received a 9-inch piece that was a deep steel blue with highlights of lime, a pinky-lavender, and aqua.

Shibori is a silk ribbon with accordion like folds running down the length of the ribbon.  You can stretch it (width wise) or scrunch it or both.

My design went through several re-designs as it was not working out how I wanted.  I first tried threading it through chain and that did not go too bad.

But I did not like the way it looked when I put it on with the two links of chain showing.

I went looking  for a tutorial I remembered seeing that I thought was for a bracelet using the ribbon in that way.

I found the tutorial and it was not what I thought it was for.  So I changed the design for my project.

I decided to keep it fairly simple.  I wire-wrapped the ribbon ends and added a bead to make a wrapped loop to add chain to.

One of my bowling teammates has just returned from Arizona and brought me back a cactus pendant that I added to the ribbon to make a necklace.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit the other bloghoppers.

Carolyn  you are here



  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I like your necklace it is beautiful and the cactus was the perfect focal for your ribbon.

  2. Carolyn,
    How cute is this piece. I would have never thought to use the Shibori in this fashion.

  3. I like the look of the rainbow ribbon with that happy cactus ~ it works well together! This is a really pretty necklace.

  4. Lovely! Great way to use the ribbon!

  5. What a crafty little pendant, Carolyn, and how well it matches your ribbon colours :) It's fun to experiment with all the different ways a component can be used, though sometimes hard to pick just one!

  6. it looks like interesting stuff, I like it threaded through the chain

  7. I love the ribbon with the cactus. The necklace is beautiful. I love how the colors in the ribbon seem to dance above the cactus. :)

    You've got me thinking about chain as well. I like the ribbon in the first photo where the pleats show through a bit between links.

    Thank you for playing!

  8. Great idea for attaching your ribbon to chain. Looks so nice. The cactus is such a fun addition!!

  9. Carolyn, thanks for including the steps you tried so we can see how your ideas advanced! I love when people post these things! I think your necklace is a real hit! I just love the colors you had to work with and that you made the piece "light-hearted" by adding the cactus pendant!

  10. nice way to utilize the ribbon as a cording mixed in with other materials. making gifts is a special kind of making.

  11. What a cute necklace!!! The piece of shibori ribbon you've got is so rich in color that it doesn't need too much embelishments and the cactus pendant is just a pretty complement.