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Friday, April 25, 2014

It's the letter "V" for the Blogging A - Z Challenge

Today’s topic starts with the letter “V”. 
Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral that is sometimes confused with turquoise . It is a light green to emerald color but also sometimes a bluish-green or colorless.  It is usually greener, however, than turquoise.

Variscite is sometimes used as a semi-precious stone and can have distinctive color patterns that are very attractive.  It is used for carvings and ornamental use.  The color ranges have made it a popular gemstone in recent years.  It was named for the historical name of present day Vogtland, Germany which is Variscia.  Almost all gemstones originate from Utah where it might be known as Utahlite.  

It is also found in Nevada, Germany, Australia and Brazil.  The variscite found in Nevada is marked by black spiderwebbing matrix and is often confused with green turquoise.  Variscite is usually cut into cabochons with a round, convex polished surface to be used for brooches, earrings and beads.
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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! Green is my favorite color, and I would love to have a ring or pendant made from this stone! Gail